Join Us in Atlanta, Georgia on May 21, 2022 for Our 1st Annual

A Cultural Event You Can’t Miss.

Free to Attend, the Save Your Spaces Festival is for anyone who wants to protect their community! If you live and cherish the community you call home, this event is for you.

Our line-up features workshops, performing art shows, panel discussions and more…

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Let’s Activate Your Passion for Historic Preservation

This festival is designed to celebrate Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQAI+, Womxn, Immigrant and Working-Class Communities and their Members. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Our Goal.

Historic preservation is one way to center and protect histories. We all have unique heritages and spaces where we make memories and live; they should be remembered & protected with that in mind.

As development continues to expand into the long-forgotten spaces of our communities, we want to work with you to do our part in restoring, preserving and protecting historic spaces that have been negatively impacted by (de facto) segregation and red-lining.

During this one-day event, we want to provide education, inspiration and activation for you to get involved in cultural heritage and historic preservation.

More About the Save Your Spaces Festival

Our Festival will be hosted in two amazing spaces on Saturday, May 21, 2022 that offer the perfect setting for community members to gather and make actionable change in historic preservation.

Nedra Deadwyler,Founder and Executive Director of Save Your Spaces.

Nedra Deadwyler is a public historian and native of Atlanta. Her approach centers on diverse narratives; Black, Indigenous, POC, queer, and immigrant voices in how we talk about place and history. She is the Founder and Principal of Civil Bikes, a heritage tour company, and Save Your Spaces, a preservation festival, she is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She received a Master of Heritage Preservation at Georgia State University, Master of Social Work from New York University, a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Georgia. She was a Fellow, at the Center for Civic Innovation. And Scholar in Residence 2021 with The Atlanta Beltline. She has published a chapter, Civil Bikes: embracing Atlanta’s racialized history through bicycle tours. (Routledge, 2016, Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking for All? Edited by A. Golub, M.L. Hoffmann, A. E. Lugo, and G. F. Sandoval), book review, Whose Bike Lanes, a book review of Bike Lanes are White Lanes: Urban Planning and Bicycle Infrastructure and Advocacy, and an article, “There is a Tremendous Untold Story of Black. People on Bikes” in Bicycling Magazine, August 2020. She has presented at conferences hosted by Active Living Research, League of American Bicyclists, and Intersections 2018. She recently started a consultation practice and is available to work on projects in the area of public history, placemaking, tourism, cultural heritage and historic preservation.

The Ke’nekt

10:00 am- 4:oo pm

Located in the Westview Community, The Ke’nekt Cooperative is a hyperlocal community think tank of where global ideas are not only explored in theory, but developed and invested into by the very community in which they live with cooperative economics.

Create ATL

6:00pm - 11:00 pm

Located in Adair Park, Create ATL is a collaboration space that brings together powerful neighbors and the business leaders of tomorrow.

Still Undecided about Attending?

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who is intrigued by local history, wants to contribute to storytelling, have a (his/her)story to preserve, curious and wants to learn more about cultural heritage and create ways to preserve that embraces one’s own culture.

WHY ATTEND: Build a network of community-selected and designated heritage and historic sites, join in on educational and skill-building programs, get involved or create your own project, and more!

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